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Hand tools and a little welding is all that's required to build a stunning, head-turning replica vehicle in your driveway or garage. All you need is a donor car and one of our easy-to-assemble kits. We manufacture two EasyRods kits. Our original EasyRod '49-'51 Ford Hot Rod Kit will work with either a 1989-97 Ford Thunderbird or a 1989-97 Mercury Cougar. Our second kit is the '57 Chevy "Belaro" that will work with any 1993-02 Chevrolet Camaro. The kits require you to purchase your own "donor" car upon which you will install the kit. We do NOT sell the donor car...only the kits.

It will normally take approximately 3-4 hours to remove the donor car's hood, bumper and fenders. You then remove the vehicle's tail lights, rear bumper cover and the gas cap door. After the body parts have been removed, there is some minor cutting and welding that is described in further detail with the kit instructions. When that has been completed, our fiberglass components bolt on, screw on and glue on in approximately 50 man-hours.

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The EasyRods Kits come complete with
EVERYTHING you will need to build them!

Our kits include all fiberglass components, sandblock, sandpaper, self-tap screws, fiberglass mat, seven tubes of adhesive , head light rings, headlight buckets, pig-tails, tail lights, directionals, video, and instructions. And we include all shipping costs with every EasyRods kit!

You supply the finish bodywork, then prime, paint and chrome to your taste. There are many small touches you can add to create your own completely unique vehicle!

With an EasyRods Kit you will be driving a
COOL & RADICAL EasyRod in Hours NOT Years!

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